Sheepdog Trials (8am-6pm)

Judge: Mr Phil Rigby

The Rydal Class

For sheepdogs who have not won a first or second prize in a trial, other than a novice class. The winner receives £25 and the Porter Challenge Cup. There are also prizes for the best competitor residing within 15 miles of Rydal Church.

The Le Fleming Stakes

This is an open trial. The winner receives £40 and a silver sheepdog Challenge Trophy given by Richard and the late Caroline le Fleming. There is a silver salver for the highest placed Cumbrian Competitor, given in memory of the late Mr Joe Thompson

Entries close on 25 July 2023

2018 tarrier champ
Rydal 21 championship
reserve champ 2016 holcombe daystar
rydal 2018 champion terrier

Hounds (10.30AM-3.30pm)

Show of Fell Foxhounds
Judges: Countess Susie Goess-Saurau and Charles Shirley-Beavan

Show of Harriers
Judges: Archie Clifton-Brown and Michael Bentley

Show of Beagles
Judges: John (Robin) Bell-Irving and Mr David Brown

There are no height restrictions rules. There are classes for unentered and entered beagles as well as groups and couples.

Entries close on 25 July 2023

John Dunning judgeing shepherds crooks 2012
Rydal 21 sticks
Rydal 21 sticks2

Shepherd Crooks and sticks (12.30pm)

Judge: Mr John Stott

Entries are taken on the day, in the secretary’s tent before 12pm. Its 25p per stick


  • Shepherd’s Crook - Plain Horn
  • Walking stick- Plain Horn
  • Crook or Stick – Ornamental Horn
  • Shepherd’s Crook – Plain Wood
  • Walking Stick – Plain wood
  • Crook or Stick – Ornamental wood
  • Ladies Crook or Stick – Horn or wood
  • Thumb Stick – Horn or wood
2018 young dog handler
rydal 2018 young dog handler
young walker

Young Dog Handlers & Novelty Dog Show (2.30PM)

Judges: June Chapman and Judy Pateson

Open to all ages of dog and owner. Entries are taken on the day in the Harrier ring from 1pm. Its £1 per entry per class


  • Best Young Dog Handler (16 years and under) Any breed of dog if it belongs to the young dog handler
  • The Dog with the waggiest tail
  • The Dog who can do the best trick
  • The Dog that looks most like its owner
  • Best turned-out dog and owner
  • The dog that the judge would most like to take home

Hound Trails

Starter/Judge: Mr John Pattinson

Entries are on the day, in the secretary’s tent. Its £1 per entry


  • Open Hound Trail
  • Puppy Trail
  • Open Restricted

Gun Dog Scurry (4PM)

Judge: Steve Burns

Open to all dogs. Entries on the day in the Gun Dog Demo Area

Mary Logan Young Countryside Champion (3.45pm)

Deadline for Nominations – 5 August
Presented at 3.45pm in the Hound Ring

Open to 16–30-year-olds who are making a significant contribution to country life and would welcome £250 to pursue their love of the countryside. You can nominate someone for this annual award by requesting a form from

The Award was launched in 2022 in memory of Mary Logan, who dedicated over 50 years of her life to supporting and helping organise the Rydal Sheep Dog Trials and Hound Show. In 2022 Tom Bunting and Sam Tattersall pictured were joint winners of the award.

  • The nominations may be:
  • Skilled in training a sheepdog or gundog.
  • A young farmer who is keeping the hands-on traditions of rural crafts going, from sheep breeding to stonewalling.
  • Innovating and adapting to the challenges ahead in farming or country life.
  • An inspiring advocate of field sports, looking for ways to modernise and conserve them or making a significant contribution to country life through voluntary work supporting rural communities.